User Research can change your business for the better.

I enjoy introducing user research and testing to organizations because it is incredibly powerful. 

In fact, it can be mind-blowing.

User research can give you new product ideas and directions, a great stress-test of future strategic initiatives, and a framework to continuously improve your product. It's also an inexpensive and painless validation of concepts before you launch. 

Above all, user research can change your organization from the inside out. It's an eye-opening way for product, design, editorial, and engineering teams to see their work in action and to discover the real-world users' mindsets

Here are some of the techniques I've used to help companies big and small. 


  • One-on-one interviews
  • Field visits
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Listening labs
  • Surveys
  • Task analysis
  • Card sorting exercises


  • Baseline usability tests 
  • Concept validations
  • Paper prototyping
  • Clickable design review
  • Moderated lab or remote testing
  • Automated remote testing 
  • A/B testing on live site

additional analysis

  • Site analytics review
  • Service and community feedback analysis
  • Expert heuristic site review
  • Industry and audience research
  • Competitive audits


  • Educational workshops for digital teams
  • Audience screeners
  • Testing plans
  • Interview guides
  • Test scripts
  • Competitive and expert site reviews
  • Findings and recommendations
  • User personas
  • Customer journey maps
  • Prioritized product road maps 

If you are ready to learn more about how user research can help your organization, please get in touch